Mark Manship

wpAdvisor & Intermediary

Florida Office
Mobile: (904) 469-1415




Meet Mark Manship: Your Business Broker / Intermediary Advisor

Mark Manship is a results-driven entrepreneurial business leader with a proven track of surpassing goals and delivering top-quality customer service with integrity and confidentiality. Mark grew up in rural Indiana and started his business experience at an early age. While delivering newspapers for the Kokomo Tribune, he was chosen Outstanding Paper Boy of the year. As he pursued his business degree in Indiana and Florida, he continued to gain valuable business and leadership skills from various business entities. Mark has over 34 years of experience in B2B, manufacturing, real estate, channel sales, financial planning, analyzing P & L statements, reviewing EBIT-EBITA, and successfully creating a representative group as President/CEO/Principal. Mark is a skillful communicator and effective negotiator with the ability to build relationships and rapport to bring all parties to successful results. Mark’s relationship with and devotion to God has provided a guiding light and direction for his life which he has carried into his business career. Mark is dedicated to prove that he can provide his best during the sale or purchase of a business big or small.

Considering buying or selling a business?

Mark specializes in guiding business owners and prospective buyers through the obstacles of the emotionally charged decision by a business owner to sell, the high anxiety of a prospective buyer in making a major investment, and the frustrations of both sides in finding the right match and opportunity.

Qualifications: confidentiality, market research, contract negotiations, corporate valuations, industry trends, financing, pricing strategies, competitive analysis, needs assessment, strategic planning, member IBBA.


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