How We Help Sellers

Why Sellers Need MarketPoint Advisors:  

When a business owner decides it is time to sell their business – for whatever reason – a lot of emotions are involved. The good, bad and the ugly, we’ve seen it all. Our team of advisors is here to counsel you to separate the emotion and focus on preparing your business to maximize the return on your investment. Through the different phases of selling your business and with appropriate planning strategies in place, we coordinate and augment the efforts of your advisors, bankers, accountants, and attorneys. We do this, so you don’t miss any important steps or lose traction with your business.   MarketPoint Advisors is here to help you understand, define and maximize the five elements of your business that are most important to a buyer:
  1. A clear business description: How do you make money and how are you different than your competition? Clarify details on how the company operates and succeeds.
  2. Realistic growth opportunities: How big is the business and what is the potential for growth?
  3. Business financials: Is your business financially viable? What assets come with the business?
  4. Customers and demand: Who are your primary customers? What is the status of those relationships? What drives demand?
  5. Employee transitions: Who are the key staff members? Who is staying and who is leaving?
  Your Personal Selling Team We will tailor our process to your needs. We will work with your team or call upon our network of professionals to bring in the resources necessary to achieve the best outcome. Our process and comprehensive professional network give us a unique advantage. Our goal is to take the burden of the business sale off your shoulders and maximize the return on your investment. Securing the Sale Once the business package is complete, and the strategy is in place, MarketPoint Advisors will work to find you the best buyer allowing you to focus on running your business. We handle all the details so you can continue to focus on the business operations, enabling you to hone the five key aspects of your business.   Deciding whether, when and how to sell is a complex process that requires the guidance of a trusted expert.  To help you begin the process, call us to arrange your confidential consultation.