Why Use a Broker

How to Know if You Need a Broker

As a business owner, your attention and dedicated efforts are required to build a successful and sustainable business. We understand that whether you are considering adding to your business or selling it, you still need to focus on the daily operations of your company. Meanwhile, MarketPoint Advisors will focus on the intricacies of the purchasing/selling process. Our role as your broker is to manage the transaction process and develop a seamless strategy that will set you up for success.Whether you are a buyer or seller, good planning and preparation will assure maximum value.  

If you find yourself in the following situations, like many of our clients do, call MarketPoint Advisors:

Looking for a confidential resource and advocate: We will take the time to understand your business and will handle it with care and confidentiality. Battling the clock or if you have waited too long to sell: We can help create a realistic and timely strategy to get the results you need. Need help determining the value of your business: We will walk you through an analysis to paint a clear picture of the current Market Value. Need to improve your business Market Value: We can help you assess what needs to happen and create a realistic timeframe for you to meet that goal. If you are serious about buying a business: We can help you narrow your search through a prequalifying process. Already have a successful business and would like to expand by acquisition: We will coach you to target the right match and facilitate a seamless merger. If you are a business owner with excess operations to divest: We are prepared to define the divestiture, identify appropriate partners, and structure the best transaction.   Learn more about how MarketPoint Advisors can serve you.